OEM Parts

390 Brushed Motor  $15.00

Servo Saver   $5.00

Our "Across" axle is actually an upgrade from the stock axle that features a plastic ring gear, our axle has a metal ring gear that eliminates stripping.

Performance Upgrades


Performance upgrades void the original warranty on all vehicles.  Before installing these parts make sure you posses the technical ability necessary to do so and ensure success.

Kit includes everything needed to make your RC brushless. Compatible with the Eagle, Fighter & X-King RC's.

Includes: motor, ESC, receiver, 26T pinion gear and three lead steering servo.

Suspension Upgrades

Increase steering control when upgrading to a brushless

vehicle with increased speed by being able to dial in front end alignment.

LED Lighting

Requires some drilling.

Requires some drilling.

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